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Craft Tips as published on Twitter
Craft Tips on Twitter

The last 50 craft Tips as they appear on our Twitter feed at the moment :
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Your questions about Twitter:

Do I have to join Twitter to see the tips? No, you can visit anytime without joining. See the actual Twitter page here
What are the strange links: eg These are special shortened links- they all go to a page on our website
What is Twitter? Its like text messaging over the internet. Whatever you have to say must be done in 140 characters or less.
Our tips are therefore very concise- to get more details you click on the link that exists with each "tweet"


Gift ideas

Range of Tide Clocks from $76

Tide clocks show how long until the next tide. Ideal for surfers, fishers, and boaties.

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brass tide clocks
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These clocks are made in Australia from local and imported parts

To find out more click here

A bug-free backyard
No more Mozzies!

Mosquito season is about to start, but you can stop it in its tracks now

The Australian designed bug eater. This bug catcher controls mosquitos without pesticides or insecticides, because the only chemical it uses is household detergent. It does not blast bits of bug bodies all over the place, like the mosquito zapper, so it is safe in food areas. No high voltage grid and no poisons, so the bug eater is safe to leave in the backyard.   Click for  detailed Bug eater instructions
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Guaranteed to work: $179 + $15 freight

To get a mozzie-free backyard click here


Practical life-saving gift for the person who has everything.

Protect your children, home and valuables. 1Kg ABE fire extinguisher and a large 1.8 Mtr fire blanket

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Home Fire Safety Combo

Great multi-purpose fire extinguisher for the house, car or boat. Fire blankets are made out of fire-resistant fabric and are used to smother flames caused by cooking or clothing fires. They may be used as a thermal barrier against radiated heat. In the case of a clothing fire, the victim should be wrapped in the blanket and rolled on the ground. This blanket is large enough for an adult clothing fire.

Makes a great house warming present, or a practical wedding gift - you may even save their lives!

Click for more detail $110 inc delivery
These products are made in an Australian-owned and managed factory.

To find out more visit Fire Extinguisher Sales



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