Tide clocks

Moon Time & Tide clock

A beautiful and unique gift for the person who has everything.

This tide clock displays the current phase of the moon, how long until the next tide, and the current time

Click to find out more Ideal for people who watch the tides for their fishing, boating, surfing, yachting or water sports. Perfect for the hall way or guest area in coastal hotel/motels and accommodation houses.
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These clocks are made in Australia from local and imported parts

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brass tide clocks Exquisite quality brass tide clock for NSW, Vic, Qld, & Tas, NZ Japanese Quartz time movement Independent tide movement, high quality polished brass case, authentic marine fittings - turnbuckles and hinge, machined back, heavy beveled glass crystal. Your town can be added to the face to personalise this gift
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Australian Design - click clock for more details

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